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01/02/2005 09:09   The Donk Starts   [Engine And Drive]

Today is the most exciting day in the history of the universe! Forget the stellar evolution that led to the initial accretions of stars out of the primordial gas clouds; forget the one in a billion chance that complex organic reactions became not only self sustaining, but self organising; forget the time when the less hairy monkeys decided to throw sticks at each other and stop eating their own feces; and most of all, forget the time the Australian Government decided that paying its own citizens so they wouldn't starve to death was a good idea...

Today (well technically last night, but this is the first time the sun has arisen after the glorious moment) the Kombi van runs!!!!!!!!

Full credit where credit is due; Marty and Nick, you guys rock my world! These dudes have put in so much time over the past few weeks that it makes all the sanding I did back in November look like some kiddies game. They've been frustrated, infuriated, enraptured and captured the imaginations of all the children in the world to put together the wiring for the Kombi. Well done guys.

For all intents and purposes the engine started first go. There were some hiccups, but these were related to getting the fuel tank clean (rinsed with methanol to dislodge the water, then petrol) and the fuel line hooked up (was blocked but a few 100 PSI from the compressor soon blew the obstruction clear), the electrics wired and the battery charged. Once all these were taken care of I tried it once, and it turned over. I poured a cap full of fuel into each carbie and tried again, the engine coughed. One more cap full and she started!!! The noise was terrific since we don't have the muffler on yet, and little flames came out the back.

Obviously there is a lot to do now, including tuning and adjusting the throttle cable as it doesn't feel quite right, but I can put it in all gears (including reverse, there was some initial doubt as the box is very sloppy) and the hubs spin quite nicely as she's still up on blocks.

The plan is to take her around the block for a spin this weekend and I'll make a video to celebrate.

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