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25/01/2005 15:31   Hi Kids   [Finances]

Looks like everything is moving along nicely, soon you'll have my pair of useless hands to attempt to screw something up. I'm looking at being back during the week after next, I move in on 12th Feb, for O-week (mark it down on the calender, because it is party time).

My computer is currently down at the moment, the PSU is fux0red, but all the finance stuff should still be intact (Ash, can you just make sure to keep a copy of whatever you have just in case). And adding in an account for sales will be easy. If you think back to a Balance Sheet and remember our current earnings being negative, this will start to push it in the other way, although it will take a lot of $5 screws to bring that back into the black.

But hope everyone enjoys Australia Day and the like, I might be back in town this weekend, Saturday through Monday, so I'll stop by to tell you what you're doing wrong.

Peace out Sisters

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