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22/01/2005 12:00   Windows   [Doors And Windows]

Getting very excited today with the current rate of progress we decided to fit one of the rear windows. Now, avid readers will have noticed in some of the photos that one of the rear windows appears to be in place. This is true but that window has not been glued yet. We found that for a dry fit the window went in like a piece of cake, so I assumed that doing this one would be similar.

Wow, was I wrong. The glue is poohty stuff, getting it on your fingers and then smearing it onto the paint work, the window, up your nose, etc, makes for a difficult time. We had someone running around with a cloth soaked in turps wiping up the excess glue all the time. In future, use as little glue as you think you can get away with!!!

We also cut the window seal slightly in two places. Once as a result of trying to use wire to peel back the seal and a second time with a screwdriver. I'll perfect the method when we do the second window and write up some conclusions as to the best way to do it.

However, one must remember that we are using non-factory seals that while not fitting quite as tight are a lot easier to work with (and cheaper!).

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