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22/01/2005 12:00   Rear Door And Side Door   [Doors And Windows]

Jamie and Tim came over today to lend a hand with the Kombi. It proved to be an extremely valuable time and we got heaps done.

The rear door was hung. This wasn't too difficult, just get two guys to hold it in place while a third bungs in the screws. Once fixed close it gently and check that it's straight. By loosening off the screws and moving the door in respect to the mounts you can control the hang. We also glued on the seal and fixed the latch and strike. This finished off the rear door for now, but, we know it's going to need to be looked at in about 6 months time as this door is a piece of pooh.

The side door was moderately easy to hang. Replacing the door hardware would have been a sinch IF I had printed off the photos I took back in November when I dismantled the door. The only true complication arose when the rear latch (the Kombi sliding door has a latch at the front and the rear, holding it closed in two places) failed to fit properly. I reasoned that if I cut off a small piece then it would fit fine, so I did, and it did. Later on I found that I've got 3 of these latches and the one I removed from the door did NOT have the piece that I removed on it. Heh, oh well, it all works still.

One piece of advice when hanging the side door. Grease everything nicely, then, holding the door alongside the body in the open position turn the door to be at 45 degrees to the side of the body (much like a regular car door when open). This allows the bottom guide to enter the channel at the back end of the open doorway. Once in the channel the door should be returned to the parallel position. Now slide it half way closed (while two or three guys are still holding it) and get someone to fix the rear slide into the guide. Now put someone into the van and get them to adjust the top guide with a screwdriver until it's in the channel, making a snug fit.

If everything is lined up properly you can now close the door with a satisfactory thud. However, you may need to tweak all the strike positions until everything latches neatly!

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