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18/01/2005 09:03   Alas I Knew Her Well   [General]

Today is Tuesday and the sun is shining. But in many ways no scorching Australian sun can be brighter than the light I see at the end of this dark tunnel, for today the old wreck should get towed.

I say should because, well, some dudes' said they'd come round and tow it for free, so there's always the chance that they won't turn up. But of course I mean no disrespect to those in the scrap metal industry, I'm just not forgetting that they're the ones doing me the favour.

Last night by the power of Nick's headlights we tipped the wreck on its side and stripped it of anything we could get our hands on. Wiring, bolts, suspension bits, speedo cable, more bolts, steering bits, ... the list goes on, so now, rather than having a Kombi wreck sitting in the driveway I have a pile of Kombi debris!

There's something strange about a car (and especially a beloved Kombi) sitting on its side. It makes me think of riots and destruction and can't help but leave me feeling a little chilled.

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