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14/01/2005 12:00   Steering Column   [Interior]

The steering column had to be removed from the old Kombi and fitted to the new one. This was very easy.

The horn button has a cap that can be prised free with a screwdriver or knife. Then there is a big locking nut that once undone allows the steering wheel to lift off the spindle.

Under the column are a few blade connectors for the ignition and control circuits. These unclip and are all keyed and unique so it's easy to find where they go again. The windscreen squirters are operated by a valve inside the column. The water line just snaps together so it's easy to remove as well.

Then the entire column will slide free from the spindle and can be lifted out. Intallation was the reverse of the removal except we greased the spindle lightly and gave the controls a spray of WD40 to keep everything happy.

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