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17/12/2004 11:27   Nature Strip   [General]

So according to ACTPLA the nature strip at my place is 4.9m wide. To get the van clear of this nature strip it will have to be moved into the driveway.

Last night after work Nick and I moved the Kombi wreck. We did this in about 15 minutes with no motorised equipment, just some muscle and basic physics.

The attached image shows the layout and the path that the Kombi took. Alas there are no photos, we were both much too engaged in the task at hand to stop and take any.

We tipped the van up on its side and slid two heavy wooden rollers underneath. We also had a metal tube (from an old stop sign) to use as a lever and a roller. Then we pushed the van about 6-7 metres down the street to the driveway. The van rolled easily on the rollers and we only had to stop to check the alignment and move the end roller back to the front. It certainly looked silly, cars are only meant to go one way up!

Then we tipped the van back upright onto a timber stump. This acted live a pivot and we were able to swing the van around very easily. Then we shoved it backwards into the drive and clear of the road.

Nick had to go so we didn't have any more time to move it further down the drive. As you can see from the diagram it's not perfect and it certainly needs to be moved a few metres back down the drive, but it's awesome to have got it so far.

Once clear of the nature strip the van will be perfectly legal and can stay on the site indefinitely. I do plan to have the wreck towed sometime next year, but for now I want it to stay and piss off the neighbours some more

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