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15/12/2004 16:39   Urban Services   [General]

It's taken a number of months but finally someone has complained about the Kombi wreck out the front of the house. I feel a little surprised that they didn't ask me personally to move it, instead they reported to the City Ranger who issued the notice shown here.

Being given two days to move the vehicle is pretty short notice and I'm certainly much too busy to take care of it before Friday. A quick phone call to the rather pleasant Heather at Urban Services has granted us an extension until next week, the 22nd.

However, I've decided to act in the most childish and immature manor possible and am NOT going to get the van removed until next year. For now, and to keep the fascists off my back, I'm just going to move the van off the nature strip to satisfy the written request.

Finding the size of the nature strip has been rather difficult, and while Urban Services are very quick to tell me that the van is on the nature strip they are unable to actually tell me the size of the strip! Very surprising and rather typical. So they gave me another number to ring and since no one is answering I may have to call Heather back tomorrow and complain .... shame

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