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18/11/2004 08:58   Engine Number   [General]


Thanks for the input, he he, students these days! When I was a kid, let me tell you, we'd have to....

The engine number and VIN are two separate things. The VIN should be printed in two places, on a metal "compliance" plate riveted to the body behind the driver's seat (take the seat out or move it forwards as far as it will go). I've attached a photo here of ours so you know what to look for. That will give you the make and the year as well.

This number should also be replicated on the chassis inside the engine bay. Fat Matt painted over ours so the photo I've attached doesn't actually show the number but does show the location.

The engine number is stamped into the engine crank case, on the top near the fan. It may be difficult (or impossible) to find with the tinwork in place and is probably encrusted with grease. I haven't got a photo of ours but I'll take a look tonight and get back to you. Now our motor's in and the tinwork's in place it'll be harder to find, but not impossible.

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VIN Decoding

For Sample VIN: 2-1-5-066378, we break it into four parts (A,B,C, and D).

"A" (2) being the Type of vehicle it is. The above example VIN is a Type 2.
"B" (1) is the second number or the Vehicle model type decoded below. The sample decodes to be a Panel Van.
"C" (5) is the second letter of the year of manufacturer. The sample being either a 1955, 1965, or 1975 model.
"D" (066378) represents the last six digits being the chassis number. In the example VIN this instance, this vehicle's Chassis number is 66378.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above system is accurate for '65 thru '79 models. On earlier models, the only reliable method or determining year model is by the Model Manufacture or Chassis number.

Vehicle Model Type

1 = Kastenwagen (Panel Van and later for having windows and/or top cut out for campers)
2 = Neunsitzer-bus or Achtsitzer-bus (Standard or Station Wagon 8-seater, 9-seater)
3 = Kombi (Kombi, Kombi for Fire Trucks, and Campmobile)
4 = Sondermodell (Special model, 8- and 9-seater)
5 = Sondermodell (Special Model, 7-seater)
6 = Pritschewagen (Single and Double Cabs, Pickup Truck)
7 = Krankenwagen (Ambulance)
8 = Siebensitzer Bus (7-seater bus)
9 = Pre-1950 for all models


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