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15/11/2004 00:31   Detailing   [Interior]

Firstly, Fat, It was a real shame to miss you AGAIN, I was all dolled up up I swear when some nasty little maggot thought it might be funny to put something in my drink at a different venue, suffice it to say I never reached the Moose. THAT SAID however, I must on this occasion agree with Timmea. What the damn did you paint over the VIN number for?

I myself have had a very practical couple of days cutting the creatively acquisitioned interior materials to shape (well almost shape, don't look too close), with a semi sharp cutting implement and embracing my womanly duty of cooking lunch and feeding the masses... well ripping up the barbie anyway. I also worked full time hours around said cutting, so I bid ye all farewell, I assume you're all pulling an all nighter (well Ash anyway, I seriously doubt Mike will be there...) hoping to have the Kombi ready to go over the pits tomorrow, I however am going to sleep.


Guest Submitter: Liz

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