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10/11/2004 15:30   The Book-Keeper's Summary   [Finances]

Ok, I know, a long time coming, but the numbers for October's budget have been up for a while, but ol' Trez's report just haven't been posted.... until now.

The biggest news is that Mr. Michael Kelly has finally made an appearance on the sheets, chipping in a whopping $165 about half way through the month. So the four of us finally all have a stake in the project. I'm happy to write up Tim, Marty, Fat and Hugh as well, but give me cash female doges! Just kidding, I'll just give a dollar value to your sexual favours.

We had a $665 expenditure for October, once again quite large. Although it may come down a bit when we work out how to dispose of the belt sander ($98), either through a money back guarantee (it didn't satisfy me the way I thought it would, but what can I say, I'm not easy to please. Plus it reduced the size of my "drive shaft" by half...and I don't know if it will be able to regenerate to it's glorious state again), or through onselling it to a prospective buyer. Anyway besides that, we had to purchase doors and windows ($200), sunroof ($50) and paint and paint additives (~$200). I know I said this last month, but once again, after a conference with the foreman, I am confident in saying that most large expenses are out. I think we still have some more paint, engine door and the rego as major costs to still incur.

Even though we are all on the books now, Ashley has hit four figures, at $1100 at the end of October, and at least $1200 by now, with me on $350, Nick on ~$200, and Mike with his first (and hopefully not last) contribution of $165. Total cost so far, is roughly $1800, which means that on average we're all up for about $450 each. Just remember guys that we should get this back, plus some when the van is eventually sold, or stolen with our Monet's and Picasso's in the back seat.

With the speed of the project starting to increase, I'm going to switch to posting a finance report twice a month, which will hopefully keep everyone up to date with how the expenditures are going. Not too much longer now kids, let's keep it cracking and we should be lapping Lonsdale by next month.

Anyway, I think I'm going to crawl back into my bed until the Finance section needs me again.
Trez out

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