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10/11/2004 14:16   Tint Film   [Doors and Windows]

Why not tint the windows while they're out of the car? It'll keep the interior a bit cooler, it will definitely _look_ cooler, and kombi windows are pretty flat and therefore easier to apply tinting film to.

In light of the above I am halfway through the job. The first step was to clean everything THOROUGHLY. I cleaned everything with hot water, then methanol, then acetone. I then laid each window flat on the kitchen table and gave them a final wipe with methanol. I left everything to dry, then applied the film as per the instructions, which I am not going to re-type here. We used Altrex film because it was cheapest. unfortunately their website ( is still under construction, so you'll have to get ut of your chair if you want more information.

After cleaning the windows it became clear that the years had not been kind to the glass. When we picked up the windows they had been stored at a wrecker's yard, out in the weather. Each pane was stacked on top of the next and I think this is why there are a few nicks, pits and scratches present. The tint film is a complete dog to apply. It is like using "Contact" to cover your school books in that it creases easily and prefers to stick to itself than the window. Once this has happened you will probably have to scrap that piece of film as it is likely to crease as you try to separate the sheets. Have a helper there to assist you peeling the backing from the film. Then just lay it on the wet glass and gently squeegee out the liquid. Take plenty of time to do this step. I assume the final water residues slowly evaporate _through_ the plastic film, which is why Altrex advise not washing the windows for two weeks.

In conclusion, the film seems to balk at any blemishes and there are a few bubbles present if one looks closely enough. From a distance, I'm happy to say that they look pretty nice, and should compliment the colour scheme nicely. However only time will tell if the passengers can see the blemishes from inside or not. Having spent hours poring over the surface, I may simply notice imperfections which may not be a problem day-to-day.

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