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10/11/2004 10:10   Essential Equipment   [Engine And Drive]

Thanks Martin for the details of the engine transplant. I second your advice on the use of a trolley jack. If there are any serious readers of this website who want to do what we did, for God's sake get a trolley jack. That way you can move the engine around and get it lined up much more easily than using a couple of car jacks and lots of blocks of wood. Of course this also assumes that you are performing the operation on a smooth floor instead of a dirt and gravel carport.

Of course anybody is free to do what we did, but we accept no responsibilty for bodies crushed by kombis or engines. You'll look pretty funny trying to drive your shiny restored vehicle if you have to carry the remains of your head in a bucket.

However, the human trolley jack (ie that monster Ashley _lifting_ the van over the engine) has its advantages. I think I shall pimp him out to anybody else who needs kombis picked up. Say a hundred bucks an hour, plus all the food the bugger can eat. He has a penchant for No Brand frozen dim sims, or if you are dining out he has been known to eat 40 McNuggets in a sitting. You have been warned.

I would post a photo but we were all too busy stressing that we would have to hose Marty's remains off our shiny sound-deadened underbody if Ash dropped the van on him to take any photos.

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