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07/11/2004 12:00   The Engine   [Engine And Drive]

With the engine out it was a lot easier to start cleaning it up. All the tinwork was stripped off and cleaned and painted with some high temp engine paint.

The heater unit was kinda shot, especially the shrouds around the exhaust manifold, so we cut it off. This is a lot easier to do if the exhausts are removed. We tried at first but it was too hard to get the shroud clear on the engine side. 4 bolts later and it's sitting on the ground, a lot easier indeed.

There was a myriad of other things done to the motor that I'll leave for Nick or Marty to write about.

The exhaust is in a "fair" condition. I've hit it up with a wire wheel and a lot of the rust and crap has come off easily enough. However, there's a 1-2cm split in the end so we'll have to cut the end back There's also a very small rust hole in the muffler on the outside end. It's so small I don't see it being a problem but we don't want any hassle from the rego guys so we're planning on hitting with a little muffler putty or some patch tape.

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