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06/11/2004 12:00   Deadener   [Body]

To improve the thermal and acoustic properties of this big tin can with wheels we have begun to apply deadener. This is a thick bitumen/tar based paint that can be brushed onto internal panels, underbody and wheel arches. The underbody of the Kombi is considerably rust free but is caked in road grime and dirt, someone has to go under the car and wire wheel off the dirt before it can be painted...

...enter the Fat.

Fat made a great start on an otherwise uninspiring task. He cleaned up one side of the underbody, patched a few small (less than 1cm) rust holes in the pan and painted deadener down that side and in the engine bay.

We initially thought that 4L (≈$35 at SCA) would be sufficient but have found that we'll need 8. But that'll be enough for the entire underbody, engine bay, the wheel arches and inside the body and doors.

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