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09/11/2004 10:57   Over The Past 4 Days...   [Engine And Drive]

This is the account of what has happened over the past 4 days on the Kombi project from the perspective of the great female dog mammary glands.

Saturday - pulled the engine out of the crap white kombi. Fairly straight forward - no real issues.

Sunday - stripped the tin work off the motor, cleaned and repainted the tin work. stripped the exhaust system off- removed the heater shrouds from the exhaust pipes. Degreased the motor from top to bottom. Tightened some of the head bolts (which were loose) and some of the case bolts (another 1/8 turn so that the leaks are kept to a minimum. Adjusted the tappets. Reattached the tin work minus the exhaust related tin - that is being discarded.

Monday - installed the motor into the new kombi - with huge dramas - which leads me to say -"don't even think about installing a type 3 motor without a trolley jack" - we did - and it took us forever!

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