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06/11/2004 12:00   Front Door Windows   [Doors And Windows]

The windows were removed from the front doors a week ago when the other hardware was stripped back for painting. The main glass comes out easily enough if the front corner window is removed first.

There is a sheet metal brace between the corner window and the main glass. This holds the seals and glass track in place. On both sides the metal was severely rusted and in the case of the driver's side completely destroyed. I took to them with a wire wheel and removed all the big bits of rust. I then soaked them in acid wash for a few hours before cleaning them and applying rust treatment. Then I performed some "minor" repairs to the driver's side brace. This involved inserting a length of snapped hacksaw blade into the appropriate position, gluing in place and concealing with bog. A quick sand and a thick coat of $2 a can black enamel and she looked awesome.

The photos show the arrangement of the seals and also the humorous "repair" I have made. I have every intention of replacing these parts in the near future...honest

The seals were quite good and we found that after a light sand with some 120 and a coat of engine oil they were even better. The felted glass seals from along the bottom of the glass were totally wrecked. We found some generic seals at Clark Rubber for $7 a metre and are going to just glue them into place.

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