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06/11/2004 12:00   Removing The Donk   [Engine And Drive]

Removing the engine from the white Kombi proved to be very straight forward. Nick had previously undone most of the electrical (starter motor, earth strap, etc...) and mechanical (throttle cable, clutch cable, etc...) attachments from the motor and gearbox. We put a couple of jacks under the engine and then undid the bolts that held the engine in. After that is was a simple matter of lowering it to the ground evenly.

I would advise anyone who attempts this to have a bunch of capable mates on hand for advice, encouragement and a good laugh. However, there's also a good chance that they'd be able to lift a van or motor off you in the unfortunate event of an accident occurring.

With Marty's advice, however, there were to be no such accidents for us. As this video [9.8 MB XviD] shows the engine comes out very easily if you have enough able hands to lift and pull. Additionally we also found that we didn't have to waste time jacking up the body to get sufficient clearance under the cross member. We just got some lads on it and burnt some calories lifting it by hand while the front blocks were removed

I was largely taking photos and ensuring everyone had a beer so I will leave some of the more technical descriptions to Marty and Nick.

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