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08/11/2004 14:40   The Buzzy Stingy Thing   [Website]

Dear Meat,

I was exploring the various roles of those that have not only assisted us the most to date but have shown the most interest in the project; namely Tim, Marty, Fat and ASM.

It would perhaps be benificial to us for these people to be recognised and granted some kind of official "Advisor" status. It would of course be at the committee's discretion and my initial generation of some website graphics was not intended to be in any way committal.

Fat Matt - A cholesterol molecule.

Martin Greenaway - The only one on the project with real VW experience.

Tim Williams - Nothing like Timmy.

Hugh Miller - ASM, say no more...

I hope that Fat enjoys his Royal Jelly as there can be no question as to whether he will or not.

Yours Sincerly,


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