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08/11/2004 14:17   The Buzz; The Sting; And The Royal Jelly   [Website]

Dear Ash,

'The Buzz'
I have noticed (clever aren't I) that there are a few more circular pictures on the log in screen. What's the buzz with that?

The face clad in ski mask reminds me of the infamous ski mask clad ASM in his adventures in to the realm of A's and S. But what is the purple thingy?

Are you looking to expand the #'s of those that can log in?

'The sting'
If so I would like to, in my capacity as Secretary strictly oppose the granting of any such rights to that stupid fag 'Fat Mat.'

'The Royal Jelly'
If that is what he wants please tell him to damn off from me.

Thats all I have to say about that. It could well be that there is some other reason for the new graphics. In this alternative case I shall deliver the royal jelly just for fun myself.

Luv MK

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