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08/11/2004 08:38   What A Weekend!   [General]

Wow, what a massive weekend!

Firstly, a huge thanks goes out to Marty for his help with the engine, Timea for help with everything else (especially sanding runs) and Fat Matt for [not being that useful but] adding plenty of colour, movement and of course Fat to some of the more tedious moments.

We removed the engine from the white Kombi, stripped and cleaned it and have it ready and waiting to be reinserted into the new body.

We have now got colour on the whole body and all the doors.

We have deadener on most of the underside and interior.

We have all the windows ready to go in, and have purchased some nice and trick tint film :)

We have marked up most of the masking for the racing stripes and are ready to paint them.

I'll be making plenty of posts later today about the various things we did and I'll back date them to either Sat or Sun depending on when it happened.

For now though, this series of photos shows what happens when you pour petrol on the roof of a Kombi and light it...

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