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05/11/2004 17:24   Primer And Colour   [Body]

With the priming almost complete and the first colour coat on the body there is much to celebrate!

We've used 4 L of primer so far. That covered the exterior three times, 30% of the interior once, the front doors twice and the side and rear doors once. We probably still need another litre to finish up by doing the inside of the front, side and rear doors, the outside of the side and rear doors again and the engine bay door.

I am hoping that 4L of colour will be sufficient for the exterior, but we can always get a little more if we need. Yesterday Tim and I dashed for a break in the weather and applied the first colour coat to the body. It looks great! There were a few more runs and I attribute this to the cold temperature of the panels. I'm not stressed though, I'll sand them out and get some more colour on tomorrow, weather permitting.

It's probably hard to see the finish in these photos as it was very overcast this morning when I took them and the poor little bunnies didn't like the rain much at all

We have also bought a fantastic colour for the racing stripes, but it's a secret! We headed into a couple of the auto paint suppliers and asked for any mistints. This was a great way to get a very expensive metallic paint quite cheaply as we don't really mind what colour it is. You'll be able to see it once it's finished! We also splashed out on some rather expensive tape (more on that later) that will cut a nice sharp edge on the racing stripes, some detail that will be certainly worth it.

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