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05/11/2004 17:02   Adhesives   [General]

There are two major adhesive requirements:

  1. To affix and seal the windows.
  2. To affix the interior carpet.

Initially we considered a contact adhesive and there are many types available but the best looks to be Kwik Grip from Selleys. This product is heat and water resistant which is perfect as we don't want the windows to leak or the carpet to fall off the roof on a hot day. However, a 4L tin costs about $60 so we've looked for cheaper alternatives.

Bostik Zero Nails ($2 a tube) - I rang the Bostik chemist in Melbourne and he was confident that this product would be able to sustain up to 140 degrees before failure. This is good news for our carpet. However, it does not tolerate moisture, making it unsuitable for the windows.

Bostik Gold Flex ($9 a tube) - A helpful dude at the hardware shop told us that this is the best. He's used it on all his cars for upholstery, trim and windows. On the can it says "not suitable for windscreens" but he claims to have used it with much success.

The plan is to use the cheaper Zero Nails on all the interior carpet but with a bead of Gold Flex around some areas for extra adhesion, and Gold Flex on the windows.

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