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03/11/2004 12:24   Spray Painting And Rainfall   [General]

We're trying to get the painting finished as soon as possible, but it's amazing how much of an influence the weather has been. We don't have access to a fully enclosed garage so we are limited to the days we can work. We need sunny days with little to no wind and at the moment days like this are in short supply! So I created the following graph of Canberra rainfall data and it shows three interesting things.

The bar graphs show the annual mean rainfall for that month (averaged over the years from 1939 to 2004) and the actual monthly totals for 2004. You can see that on average we would be better off spraying in the middle of winter, but then it would be cold (another important factor, but not investigated here) and the days short and unproductive.

The line graph shows the number of days in that month without rain. This has been decreasing all year; bugger! We want as many rain free days as possible and at the moment it looks like we're experiencing an annual low.

You can also see the amazing increase in rainfall for Canberra since August. This is great news as we have been experiencing water restrictions for some time now but it's still no good for us; we want to get our Kombi painted!

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