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02/11/2004 12:00   An Afternoon's Work   [Body]

Ah, the first Tuesday in November. The Race That Stops a Nation. An opportunity to drink champagne, look at women in silly hats and waste money on horseflesh. Or to drink horses, look at champagne and waste money on womens' flesh. etc. Canberra put on some true Melbourne weather - four seasons in one day, and didn't it p!ss down at all the wrong moments?

Late Tuesday afternoon, Ash, Mike, Timmea, and yours truly beat a strategic retreat to do some work on the Kombi before those nasty bookies took any more of our money.

We launched into it pretty quickly. Tim and Ash were prepping the inside of the kombi for some primer around the windows, and anywhere else there was bare metal or we don't have upholstery to put in. Mike and myself grabbed the two front doors and started rubbing them back to accept some primer.

This good work lasted for about ten minutes before another shower passed over and helped with the wet&dry sanding but did dampen our spirits somewhat.

In the absence of photos, the body of the kombi is now primed inside and out, and the two front doors have their first coat of primer on the outside. Tim also started cutting some sections out of the scrapped doors (look at all the pretty sparks!) to patch some holes in the step under the passenger door. Ash started dismantling the front suspension on the junk white van, to replace various broken/missing pieces on our blue body.. We'll probably still need to buy new bushes, as the old ones have perished and I fear the nice people certifying our registration may notice if all the bushes for the front suspension are missing...

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