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01/11/2004 21:12   No Sunroof :(   [Extras]

It's a sad day today.

Canberra's downpour this afternoon left the world pristine, washed and cleansed; the world was still and the gentle voices of children carried on the silky air. Then, with complete and reckless abandon some idiot in Aranda fired up an angle grinder and cut a hole in the roof of a Kombi van.

Twenty minutes later that same idiot put his sunroof into the hole, sat back for a moment and went; "pooh, it doesn't fit"...

Luckily the hole was cut in the white Kombi, and luckily the problem may be fixable. What we failed to take into account when we cruised into the wrecker last week and bought our sunroof was that the roof of a Kombi is curved. Quite curved, in fact a lot more curved than the roof of a standard sedan. Thus, our sunroof is too flat and will not fit.

So that's why it's a sad day. No sunroof for now. We've decided that making this sunroof fit is a worthy summer project, or, better yet we'll find another sunroof to fit our Kombi!

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