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01/11/2004 09:59   Paint Stripping   [Body]

This is to give a brief description of the joys of paint stripping. Firstly, the chemicals used are nasty nasty things. We're outside and even then the fumes were somewhat overbearing for the delicate flower that I am. Secondly, they are known carcinogens (not that big a deal, everything gives you cancer these days...) and are toxic. I kept getting spots on my hands and legs, and I knew about it as the area would start to sting right away. We kept a bucket of clean water on hand so the stripper could be washed off of my delicate skin.

I also completely underestimated how much we would need. Initially I bought 500ml from SuperCheap for $13. This proved to be a complete ripoff and when I ran out I went to Bunnings and got 1000ml for $11. The active ingredient, dichloromethane, in both products is identical and is present at the same concentration: 860 g/L.

Use a good metal scraper... Use a good metal scraper! I could say it again but won't. I probably wasted most of the first can of stripper by not thinking this was important. I brushed the stripper on and expected the paint to just run off. This does not happen! You need to brush on the stripper, then wait, then wait, then scrape like a bastard to get all the paint off. It didn't help that this door had over four layers of different paint in some areas.

Finally give the entire door a good hose down with water to remove any of the remaining stripper, you don't want it hanging around.

Big thanks to Marty for doing most of the stripping work

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