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31/10/2004 12:00   Preparing The Side Door   [Doors And Windows]

I have already posted a description of the side sliding door here. The plan of attack to repair this door is to cut this rust damage out and replace it with a piece of steel sheet cut from one of the old white doors; recycling! Two days later the plan has been realised.

The paint was stripped, the damage was cut away and the area cleaned and treated for rust using rust converter. The new piece was cut and glued into place. Now I know this should have been welded, but I don't have easy access to a welder and it is hardly a structural area. Hey, maybe after a few door slams the whole lot'll fall out on the ground, but then maybe it won't; I hope it doesn't Then, ample bog was mixed to fill the defect and hold everything in place.

Finally the surface has been prepared for painting. Timea gave the entire door a very thorough going over with the belt sander, and then I went over by hand to smooth out any stray bits. There were a few dents, so they got bogged, and the final surface was sanded and treated for rust.

The door hasn't been painted yet but it is looking very promising. I used the pressure pack to prep a test area (see photo) and the finish came up perfect.

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