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30/10/2004 12:00   How To Dismantle A Door   [Doors And Windows]

Today we got stuck into our new front doors. They are blue and actually came from the same body we are working on. There is very little rust on them and we got them for a good price, so I'm happy.

We dismantled them so as to ensure the door hardware survives the painting process and can be serviced. This wasn't too tricky, although there is an order to getting the glass out that we will have to follow in reverse to get the glass back in.

  1. Remove the two bolts at the bottom of the glass, freeing the window glass.
  2. Wind the glass all the way down.
  3. Carefully prise out the glass seal from the top and rear inside edges of the window.
  4. Undo the [hidden!] screw at the top, and the bolt at the bottom of the separation frame that holds in the corner window.
  5. Carefully pull the corner window and frame and seal all out in one go.
  6. Prise out the stupid and perished seals from the bottom sill of the window.
  7. Pull out the window glass, remember to remove it to the "outside".

So that's that. You can check the photos, but all the door stikes, locks, winder mechanism and handles come off easily enough with the application of the appropriate tool.

We serviced the winders, they are pretty neat! Cleaned them down with kero, removed the wire and regreased the wire in its track. We had three of these winders and found that the mechanisms from the white Kombi were surprisingly superior to the one from the blue Kombi. So those'll go back in.

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