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29/10/2004 12:00   The Donk   [Engine And Drive]

Pozza wanted me to wake him up at 6:30 with a hot Maccas breakfast. One Bacon and Egg McMuffin and a Hash Brown, hmmmmm. Shame it was a big night for him on Thursday, he mightn't have like it when I arrived, regardless of the carefully prepared treats I would have had.

So I saved my energy and trusted that Paul would rise and shine when the mood took him, roll out of his little college bed, and make his way over to Aranda to help Nick begin work on the engine removal. I can only assume that he took care while driving and slowed down at worksites as instructed by assorted safety signs and enforcable speed zones.

Upon arriving at my house, Paul, bounding with energy and helpful enthusiasm, would have made short work of the preporatory explorations being conducted into the removal of our most cherished engine.

Top stuff.

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