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31/10/2004 21:30   Doors Doors Door   [Doors And Windows]

The doors are progressing nicely, thanks in kind to stacks of work from Nick, Marty and Timea.

You can see from the photos that they are now a mottled shade of bog, rust, metal, more bog and paint, but hopefully a few coats of primer and colour will bring them up a treat!

The process followed for preparing these doors is identical to that for the body panels and has already been mentioned here plenty of times before. Thus, all that needs to be said is that the doors are looking good! Even though some of the old white Kombi doors were rooted, rust and bog and crap all through them, but we've done our best and are preparing them anyway. If our patchups prove to be inadequite then new doors can always be sourced later and are trivial to prep and bolt on.

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