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26/10/2004 09:12   More Painting   [Body]

Despite everyone's best efforts there has been some progress made since last Thursday.

Last night Nick and I sprayed on another coat of primer. It took us from 4 to 9 to sand back some problem spots, then sand back the body, then wash back the body, then dry the body, then wipe the body down with a little turps, then paint. We put more than one coat on some areas, so it's a little hard to say how much is there all up, I'd say 2.5 coats on average.

Painting at night isn't that bad, it was warm enough and dead calm, which helped immensely. However, the lighting made it a little tricky to keep it even (but hey, it's just primer) and the lights shining side on to the panels showed up every imperfection and flaw, which was quite demoralising! I checked the finish this morning and it looks perfect, but I do realise that once we buff the colour to a high sine it will show the flaws.

We now plan to prepare the doors and paint them before we put any more primer on the body, just in case we run out of paint. We've used 8 bean tins so far

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