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25/10/2004 14:17   60% Iron Chef   [Website]

In a week that saw me over take Paul with some raw muscle, It is with my intellect and cunning that I now surpass Nick, who was master of Paul.

At 1:30 today with a clever discussion of breakfast cereals fatty acids and bowel movements, I have overtaken Nick to be the websites second greatest contributor.

Having assumed my rightful position toward the top I feel able to greater appreciate the lesser specie as they nip and bite at my heel; and know that I am better.

Where will my meteoric rise end?

In other news today Nick and the Bucket (my next target) are going to do some painting I believe. I am bogged down with work so can I offer them only my best wishes....

Let us contemplate now the enormity of my we all take a walk through some ducks...

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