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21/10/2004 09:20   Product Lineup   [General]

As the bodywork is almost over I present a summary of the products we have used so far. It's actually surprising how little we have used and as you can read in the following notes not all of it was necessary.

1. BOG - You can see here that we used 6kg of the stuff. It was good to work with but mixing the filler to hardener in the correct ratio of 50:1 was a bit of a black art.

2. Blade Putty - This goes on over primer to fill any small holes or imperfections left. We used it quite a lot, especially to fill air holes left in the BOG.

3. Motospray Primer - This stuff was complete crap. It didn't cover very well and it came off with turps! That was a real pain as working on nearby areas or prepping for the primer with the gun would strip this back.

4. Paint Stripper - The pressure pack was cheaper than buying a tin and brushing it on. It turned out to be a big mistake. It's really hard to get out of the can, the spray being intermittent and meagre, making it hard to get the product to the area you want. I'd recommend to anyone to buy the tin and brush it on or source dichloromethane [ MSDS ] directly.

5. Primer Surfacer - This is identical to what's in the 4L tin [8] and was excellent. It covered well and was used to protect areas that had been stripped back and would have to wait before the whole panel could be sprayed with the gun.

6. Primer Filler - We used this on any "prime" areas that would be highly visible. As it turned out we did such an excellent job sanding and got such good coverage quality out of the regular primer that we probably didn't need this.

7. Spray Putty - I bought this before the Blade Putty [2] to fill small holes left in the BOG. This was also a mistake as it doesn't fill small (1-3 mm) holes very well at all, preferring to run out of them before drying. It is, however, very good for filling sanding or grinding marks. As we did such a thorough job sanding by hand there were only a couple of areas that needed this treatment.

8. Primer Surfacer - 4L is what we've planned to use on the whole van. It's a pretty good initial estimate, we'll see how it lasts. Using this is dead simple, stir using my drill operated paint stirrer for about 5 minutes, then pour out and mix with thinners before putting through the gun.

9. Acrylic Colour: Snow White - Once again, 4L should be plenty to do 3 or 4 coats over the entire van. We picked this colour as it will reflect the sun and keep the van cooler in the hot Aussie summer.

10. Body Deadener - This stuff was cheap and will be brushed onto any surface that needs a lick of paint for protection. This will be the entire underbody, the wheel wells and interior surfaces. Most of the interior will be carpeted so this paint has the added quality that it will help reduce cabin noise. Let's hope it works!

11. Spray Gun - As mentioned elsewhere this is the spray gun we're using. It's pretty straight forward, the two dials control the spray pattern (spot or fan) and the amount of paint coming through.

12. Thinners - We just bought the general purpose thinners, the professional thinners being quite a bit more. Maybe this was a bad idea, as investing so much money in the paint job would be stupid if it came out bad due to poor thinners. However, the initial results from the primer coat show great coverage and finish, so I'm not worried. The paint is mixed with thinners in a ratio of 1:1.5, so for each 4L tin of paint we need 6L of thinners. The spare 4L of thinners we have all up will be used for washing the spray gun and cleaning up equipment. It should be enough for this task, but if we need a little more we can buy a 5th tin.

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