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17/10/2004 12:00   Spray Painting Equipment   [Body]

The equipment used for the spray painting is all very very cheap. The compressor has been borrowed but you could purchase a perfectly usable one for about $90. This compressor is rated up to 800 Pa and 7.5 CFM. These figures are more than suitable for the spray gun, it requires 400 Pa and about 6-7 CFM.

The air hose is kept suspended from wire hooks attached to the roof of the carport. It's quite long and more than suitable for this task. It has been useful to have a helper while spraying to ensure the hose does not accidently brush against the freshly painted body. Sometimes I used a block of wood to hold it in place. A bit of teflon tape for the threads and a reqular wipe down with a damp rag is all that's needed to keep it in top condition.

The spray gun is a "Super Works" "Air Power" "Professional Quality" Spray Gun. I've put all those nouns in quotes to indicate that they probably mean nothing, but the unit does work fine and it only cost $45! Perhaps a professional would not use such equipment, but for us it has been fine.

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