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21/10/2004 08:54   Side Sliding Door   [Doors And Windows]

The big sliding door from the white Kombi was certainly not the original. It's been painted a baby blue and has some slight (compared to the rest of the white Kombi!) damage to the two bottom corners. This was most likely caused by the door coming adrift of its rails and striking the ground, an event quite common for old busses. The photos show the damage and all the fittings that have now been removed from the door. The plan is to strip back all the paint, chop out any rust, patch, BOG, prep and paint. While the inside surface is in very good condition there are a few spots of rust around some welds and corners and holes. This will be removed and treated as best as possible before painting.

The stripper is very effective on this paint, but the spray pack I bought is comepletely useless! It only half comes out and the nozzle keeps blocking. The more expensive brush on type would have done the job much better. The active ingredient in this stripper is dichloromethane [ MSDS ] and it will be cheaper for us to source this directly.

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