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20/10/2004 15:34   Stocktake   [General]

I present to all the following summary of what is further required on the Kombi. The items are grouped somewhat but I have made no attempt to prioratize them at present.


  • Finish Primer Coats [Need to wait for fine weather]
  • Colour Coats[Need to wait for fine weather]
  • Purchase Front Doors and Paint
  • Strip Back Old Side Door and Rear Doors and Paint
  • Purchase and Fit Three Rear Windows and Fit Windscreen [May be best to get professional to fit windscreen. Rear windows may be expensive.]
  • Signal Lights [Need to cost LEDs and decide]
  • Choose Colour and Purchase Paint for Racing Stripes [Need masking tape and fine weather]


  • Paint and Fit Dash [Could be fiddly wiring up]
  • Clean and Fit Carpet [Will need to buy contact adhesive]
  • Rear Seats and Seat Belts [Need to shop around to get good deal]


  • Remove From Old Kombi [Requires a day of hard work]
  • Strip Down Engine, Clean and Check [Nothing too major, just do the basics]
  • Install On New Kombi [Just need to make sure we connect *everything* properly ]


  • Ready to Go After Flush and Bleed

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