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17/10/2004 19:39   Spray Painting (Finally)   [Body]

What a day!

Today was totally awesome, we now have paint on the Kombi! OK, it's not colour yet, but today is truly historic, we've got the first coat of primer on, and if I do say so myself, it looks fantastic!

BIG THANKS to Tim who came over to help out. Maybe I've set him off on the path of solvent abuse but he wants to come back to help some more I know my head is ringing with the stuff, even though it's terribly well ventilated and we wore masks.

I took a dodgy video [2.3MB XviD] (can anyone pick the soundtrack?) of the finish, although the colours are out due to the green and blue tarps filtering the light.

The surface is pretty much perfect, except for a few bits here and there that weren't feathered properly. A bit of spot putty and they're gone! The whole lot needs to be sanded back and then a few more coats of primer before we can hit it up with some colour.

To do a complete coat like this required three bean tins of paint. I'm not sure what that is in mils, but I can measure it later.

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