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14/10/2004 13:42   The Details Of Detailing   [Body]

The preparations for the spray painting this weekend are really rocketing along. I've been up at 6 every day to get out there and do a little work on the body. It's a pleasant time to be awake; the gentle birds calling in the new day as sunshine rises over the hills, only the faint chill of night lingering to remind one of the dreams that slipped away so easily upon awakening...

But the main chore is getting the details right on the body work. A thorough inspection of the body reveals many areas that will need a bit of time spent on them before we can paint. Chips in the old paint are the most noticeable. Check out the picture below, it shows a small paint chip that will require attention. This is usually fixed in about 5-10 minutes with a little hard work with a sanding block ripping back the old paint from the area with some 80 grit paper. Then cleaning up using 120 and finally some 800, just to smooth it all down. A quick coat of primer (after the usual wash and prep with turps) and the area is finished, time for the next spot!

There is also a lot of areas that have grease stains or hidden bits of rust. The entire body needs a good once (or twice!) over with a good set of eyes to spot all the problems and correct.

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