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11/10/2004 12:04   Spray Painting   [Body]

Last night, at the end of the weekend, Nick and I fired up the spray gun. Now, neither of us have done this before, but I've read a book about it and have decided that it's straight forward. This does not mean that it is easy*, but it does mean that we stand a good chance of learning how to do it.

We mixed up our primer and thinners and ran them through the gun, checking spray pattern, paint load and pressure response. The gun is behaving OK, but what I noticed the most was a noticible delay between pulling the lever on and the paint coming out. I'm sure with practice I won't even notice that.

The front area of the Kombi has been substantially sanded back so it was a good choice to lay down some primer on. After preparing the surface as normal Nick and and I took turns to mess about with the gun and get down a good layer of paint. We were aiming for two coats, wet on wet, but it's probably more like three.

The most frustrating thing occured when a small pool of water around one of the headlights was blown out by the spray and splashed on the surface. We will pay particular attention to this in future.

*A good example of something that is easy but not straight forward is picking up members of the opposite sex. People do it all the time so it must be easy, however, the tricks of the trade are very non-obvious, so it's hardly straight forward!

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