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04/10/2004 22:25   Panel Repairs (5kgs Of Bog Later)   [Body]

The bulk of the work conducted over the long weekend has been panel repairs. The major repair is the rear, driver's side wheel arch which has been beaten in by what was probably a side-swiped bollard.

I have beaten the damage out as much as possible but have elected to fill the damage with bog. This will leave a 5-10mm smear of bog across the panel. I don't think this is a bad thing to do as the panel is clean, completely rust free and still strong. Maybe a professional would disagree but we'd only know for sure if we got hit side on by another vehicle

Using paint stripper and a wire wheel to remove all the old paint just sucked. It was worse with a hangover (thanks to Sarj, Timmy, Meat and an NRL grand final last night) and took about two hours to prepare.

Note that I've gone over the clean shiny metal with course (40 grit) sandpaper and finally put some swirls in the surface with the angle grinder. This is to ensure the bog sticks!

Mixing up all the bog and smearing it on (gotta press hard to ensure it sticks) just sucked. It stinks (the hangover headache came back) and is easy to get everywhere!

Now I need to sand the whole lot back (which is going to just suck) and then refill any imperfections to get the whole finish nice and smooth. I know now that it won't be perfect, especially around the smooth curve of the wheel arch, but it'll be passable and at around $40 for the bog a lot cheaper (and easier) than fitting a new panel. NB: Unlike lots of panels on lots of cars this panel is extensively welded into place, replacing it would be a female dog.

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