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02/10/2004 13:47   Cheap Flights   [Road Trips]

I just did a quick check of who's offering the best flights at the moment and there are some good deals out there.

Jetstar don't fly Canberra to Hobart and the cheapest they'll offer for Sydney to Hobart is $300. However, they will do Sydney to Melbourne for $69 and Melbourne to Hobart for $59. That's pretty cheap but you have to be creative with their booking system to work it out.

Virgin Blue will do Canberra to Hobart (via Melbourne but all connecting) for $189 and Sydney to Hobart for $280. Those prices are changing almost daily so check it frequently to get a good deal.

Qantas is just plain expensive now (should have booked a month or two ago) and is around $250 for Canberra to Hobart, more from Sydney.

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