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29/09/2004 09:28   Falls Festival   [Road Trips]

There's been some interest in a trip to the Falls Festival in Tasmania this coming new years. As most people know (because he talked about it so damn much) Fat went to Lorne for the last one and had an awesome time.

If anyone would like to come to Tasmania this new years here are some details:

What: Falls Festival

When: Festival is 30th Dec to 1st Jan. The Whole Trip would be 29th Dec to 8/9th Jan.

Cost: The Falls Festival tixs are $87, plus an airfare down and boat ride back, fuel, beer, hookers, etc... I'd give a rough estimate of $400-$500 for the whole thing, depending on how frugal we want to be.

How: Book a cheap one-way flight with Virgin or Qantas (whatever is cheapest) getting into Hobart on the 29th. I booked one for dad from Canberra the other day and it only cost $150.

Getting Home: I'll have driven the Kombi down before Christmas and will be driving it back to Canberra, everyone is welcome to come home this way. If you have a deadline book a flight out of Hobart (or Launceston if you're going to be leaving towards the end of the week) and we'll kick you out of the Kombi at the appropriate moment. The boat tickets are $145, which is a damning rip off, but you get to go on a boat, so it's kinda cool.

What Else: Well, the plan is to hit the Falls, then cruise to my place, then do a short road trip around Tas. I know heaps of free camping places, cool walks, pretty beaches, fishing spots, tourist stuff, a cheese factory, and even some waterfalls. It's all negotiable but I was thinking of doing a whole week all up. Jan 1st is a Saturday, so if we do use the whole week everyone can be guarenteed to get back to work/uni/nothing starting the 10th Jan.

Well, please post here any comments, thoughts, plans, things to see. I've attached some pics of Tasmania for inspiration.

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