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30/08/2004 15:56   Wheels Off   [General]

Present: Nick, Ash
On Saturday we lowered the property values in Ash's street by raising the kombi up on blocks in the carport. This also has the useful advantage that now we can't be hassled to move the thing out and vacate the carport. Not without some serious heavy lifting anyway. It sounds simple to just jack the van up, pull the wheels off and shove blocks underneath and it was, but like all these things it took longer than expected. Those back wheel nuts were t-i-g-h-t. I had to stand on one side of the wheelbrace while Ash put his full bucket-arsed power to work hauling upwards the other side. With the aid of a lot of WD-40 they finally came free. The next hassle was that the floor of the carport is au-naturel dirt, and on a bit of a slope at that. We realised that as it was being jacked up, the van was starting to slide backwards off its blocks. Safety first kids, Ash tried to shove the van in an uphill direction, while I hastily kicked the blocks into position. It seems to have worked and if it starts to look shakey we'll draw straws to see what hapless idiot has to do all the underbody work.

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