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25/08/2004 09:35   Possible Body Replacement   [Body]

I was walking into town yesterday and had a flash of genius regarding the rust situation. Here's a quick (and conservative) approximation of what we're up for:

Rust Treatment$50
Surface Prep$50

I'm afraid there could be many more expenses and time and trouble associated with this rust.

However, if we were to find ourselves another Kombi body, in much better condition than this one, but that's lost its motor/gearbox etc then we could be onto a winner! It only has to cost less than the above and we are already on top. It could also save a lot of time.

If we can't find an entire body then perhaps a wreck of some sort will do. We only need the back half and seing what happens to a Kombi in a crash may be quite a sobering experience

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