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24/08/2004 22:30   Obligatory Simpsons Quote   [Body]

Spent a bit of time with Ash last night having a look at the van under his new lights. The floodlights work nicely, it'll be nice to have some fluoros too for detail.

But we don't need too much light to see all the rust in the van. Holes in the doors, (all three) holes around the windscreen, and some monster holes in the roof at the back, around the sill above the air intakes on both sides. And I mean monster rust. We were poking holes through the metal with a broom handle. We are gonna have to cut out large portions of the roof and gutter and try to fabricate new bits out of sheet metal. Not impossible but I for one am not looking forward to the hours of work it'll take!

Remember when Homer Simpson was shopping for a new car and there was the drive-by! Homer asked about the bullet-holes and the salseman said "those are speed-holes"

Later Homer was back home hacking big holes in his own car.

No need for that folks, our kombi has speedholes already.

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