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24/08/2004 22:00   Nice Blog   [General]

First, full marks to Ash for getting this blog up & running - it's reassuring that at least one of us can get their sh!t together. Have fun trying to motivate the rest of us Ash! Especially when Mich_AE_l finds you spelled his name incorrectly in his description. This is why, for purely practical reasons, we call him a ruder, easier to spell name.

I like my own profile, I don't mind the sexual innuendo because I am comfortable with my sexuality, although if anybody else needs confirmation I would be happy to clear things up over dinner, at your place.

I also like the little logos for each team member on this blog. The Bucket for Ash I understand, as he's a bucket-arse. The silhouette of the woman for Mike I also understand, as he's a female dog. I can assume the dollar sign for Paul is related to the fact that he will sleep with anything for a few bucks, and it is no brilliant deduction that the spanner for me is 'cos I'm a tool.

So here's to the Kombi and the many frustrating hours we will all be spending together...

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