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General Settings

Preset Paper Size*
When you choose a different preset paper size the values on this form will be adjusted to scale the presentation to match.
Custom Paper Size (mm):  (w)  x   (h)
Enter all dimensions in millimeters only. If you need help then use Google to convert Inches (or other units) to millimeters.
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Element Data Settings

Show Element Name:    ...font size (pt):
Show Atomic Number (Z):    ...font size (pt):
The display usually looks best when the font sizes used for 'atomic number' and 'element name' are the same.
Show Symbol:    ...font size (pt):

Element Data Font Size (pt): ...and check this box to automatically shrink font size to avoid overlap:
Element Data Maximum Significant Figures:

Show Atomic Mass: [Source]
Show Melting Point (C): [Source]
Show Boiling Point (C): [Source]
Show Density (g/cm3): [Source]
Show Crustal Abund. (%): [Source]
Show Year Disc.: [Source]
Show Elec. Conf.: [Source]
Show Ion. Pot. (eV): [Source]
Show Valences (Default First): [Source]
Show 50% Con. T (K): [Source]
Show E. neg. (Pauling): [Source]
Show Common Ions:

Show Isotopes and Abundance (%): [Source] [Sorry, not currently working]
The isotope data take up a lot of space in each cell, and while the layout engine will do its best to make this attractive, best results will be achieved if limited elemental data is shown as well.

Custom Element Data

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When you have completed the form please click here to generate your table:

To view this file you will need a PDF reader on your system. I recommend Sumatra PDF Reader for Windows as an excellent light-weight program.

This PDF generator was written by Ashley Norris.