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Choose a data file.

This should be in the native format with default options: CSV file from Glitter, for example.

Use these labels when identifying your standards (some synonyms exist):

  • 1262b
  • 152a
  • 65d
  • A575
  • ALM17
  • ATHO-G
  • BCR-2G
  • BM9021-G
  • BW1326
  • BW162
  • BW163
  • FM1106
  • GOR128-G
  • GOR132-G
  • GSA-1G
  • GSC-1G
  • GSD-1G
  • GSE-1G
  • JAD7
  • KL2-G
  • ML3B-G
  • NIST610
  • NIST612
  • StHs680-G
  • T1-G
  • WOL14

Any standards can be added to this website, please contact Ashley for details.

Standards Checker

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