Ashley Norris

Community Project Page

Open Source / Community-Oriented Software

  • Metal Activity Calculator - Compute activity coefficients for iron alloys, a research tool for the Earth Sciences.
  • Periodic Table Generator - Create an attractive periodic table in PDF format showing just the information you require.
  • Cat Wrangler - A cat-scaring robot powered by a Raspberry Pi.
  • CONREC - The famous contouring algorithm implemented in PHP.

Personal Projects

Professional Scientific Software

  • LADR - Laser ablation data reduction software.
  • LabMan - An online instrument booking and management suite.
  • GeoStar - Advanced sample navigation software and instrument control.

Past Software Projects

About this Page

In 2001 I registered so that my family would have their own Australian domain for community projects.

Over the past twenty years I have contributed to, and developed, a wide range of community projects. Some of these are listed above, and some are hosted here on

In 2023 the Australian Domain Name registrar (auDA) advised me that I am now ineligible to hold the domain. If you read their page about who can hold a domain it seems that not a single person on the panel is a member of a family, as these groups have been completely excluded from consideration. Indeed, I would ask, in 2001 what TLD should an Australian family register under? What TLD should they register under in 2023?

While I have launched a formal complaint against auDA regarding the seizure of this domain, it is unlikely to succeed due to the authoritarian heavy handedness so common amongst Australian government, companies, and "authorities" (unclear what auDA even are).

Since I am unlikely to be able to hold onto I am hereby establishing alternative registration under the much more reasonable .org TLD, and will use for future community projects. I would advise anyone considering *any* .au address to simply reconsider, and go with a plain TLD (e.g. .com, .net, .org, ...) instead.

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