Ashley Norris

ashley at norris dot org dot au

Ashley has traded under the Norris Software brand for over fifteen years, providing advanced custom software for scientific applications. Now, in 2019, he is pleased to announce a new venture: Norris Scientific.

If you are after support for software previously provided by Norris Software then please note that everything is still supported, but is being relocated from to Thank you for your patience during the transition.

-- Ash.

Professional Scientific Software

  • LADR - Laser ablation data reduction software.
  • LabMan - An online instrument booking and management suite.
  • GeoStar - Advanced sample navigation software and instrument control.
  • Experimental Petrology Tools - An online set of tools for research in the Earth Sciences.

Open Source / Community-Oriented Software

  • Cat Wrangler - A cat-scaring robot powered by a Raspberry Pi.
  • CONREC - The famous contouring algorithm implemented in PHP.

Past Software Projects

Personal Projects